Stacey & Peter 3.26.13

What an adorable couple to work with! With the last minute change from a beach wedding to indoors, Stacey and Peter were a blast to work with! We were definitely enjoying the Baltimore love 🙂

Ps…LOVE the converse shoes and Peter’s brand new tattoo! What a great dad!

IMG_1605-2 IMG_1608-5 IMG_1609-6 IMG_1610-7 IMG_1619-10 IMG_1624-12 IMG_1625-13 IMG_1630-18 IMG_1631-19 IMG_1636-23 IMG_1640-24 IMG_1642-26 IMG_1653-33 IMG_1665-39 IMG_1666-40 IMG_1668-42 IMG_1670-43 IMG_1671-44 IMG_1681-49 IMG_1685-52 IMG_1686-53 IMG_1689-56 IMG_1690-57 IMG_1696-63 IMG_1698-64 IMG_1700-66 IMG_1702-68 IMG_1705-71 IMG_1707-72 IMG_1710-75 IMG_1712-77 IMG_1714-78 IMG_1716-80 IMG_1718-82 IMG_1719-83 IMG_1721-85 IMG_1725-86 IMG_1726-87 IMG_1728-89 IMG_1730-91 IMG_1734-93 IMG_1737-95 IMG_1744-96 IMG_1745-97 IMG_1746-98